Parcel Three - Bosoord Vlei (481 Ha)


- Arable: 246 Ha

- Irrigable: 5 Ha

- Veld: 225 Ha

- Buildings

  • One large five bedroom luxurius farmhouse.
  • Shed: 150 m2

    - Borehole and windmill

    - Small canal out of the Dorps River into a small dam (700 m3) There is scope for more irrigation 15 Ha

    - The tar road between Lydenberg and Machadodorp (R36) runs through this parcel

    Parcel Four - Spitskop irrigation lands ( 628 Ha)


    A drying and mixing plant is housed inside a 750m all steel building located on Remainder of Portion 2 of Spitskop (Parcel 4)Maize drierThe unit is a model BL805 type BV05 built by Cibria of Bethlehem, with a capacity of 72 ton/day with storage silo's for 400 ton. It comprises of 4-bucket elevators, drying column, a top conveyor and a screen. Heat is supplied by a coal fired boiler.

    Mixing plant
    This plant has a capacity of 125 ton/per day and is located in the building with the drier. The installation by includes a hammer mill and a blender, together with a Radium mixing wagon.

    - Arable and irrigable: 300 Ha

    - Arable: 65 Ha

    - Veld, vlei and waste: 280 Ha

    - Buildings

  • 2 Luxurius four bedroom houses
  • One shed and drying unit 750 sqm

    - Large dam (144,000 m3) with pump house, from dam or river

    - Landing strip next to drying unit (600m)

  • - The tar road between Lydenberg and Dullstroom (R540) runs through this parcel

    Parcel Five - Spitskop ( 1,686 Ha)

    - Arable: 300 Ha

    - Pasture: 80 Ha (kikuyu and eragrostis)

    - Veld: 1,100 Ha

    - Fruit: 5 Ha peaches (micro irrigation)

    - Buildings

  • 7 residential houses
  • Shed and office - 100 m2
  • Old labour village - 6 houses

    - Cattle dip and handling yard with feed lot

    - The tar road between Lydenberg and Dullstroom (R540) runs through this parcel

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