Parcel One

This section of the estate is comprised of the Manor House, with stables, game reserve, dams, pastures and orchards (1,526 hectares). Eco Tourism potential


- Lands: 60 Ha, of which 25 Ha are irrigable

- Pastures: 50 Ha

- Orchards: 1.6Ha blue berries

- Game Reserve (fenced): 300 Ha with expansion potential (800 Ha)

  • stocked with Nyala, Eland, Zebra, Blesbok, Duiker etc.

    - Buildings:

  • African Manor House
  • Stone stables, including large flat
  • Yearling barn, including small flat
  • Flat above stallion box
  • Houses - two large four bedroom residences with imacculate gardens

  • Employee housing:
    - x 11 in old nursery village
    - x 12 in old stables village

    - Dams: 1 large, 200 000m3 . This dam is 18m deep. 5 small fishing dams

    - 2 large waterfalls which feed the irrigation of the blue berries, and a canal which feeds the large dam.

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